The Participants


Maurya was born in the United States and come to Australia in 1974.  She has lead a colorful life including a stint in the American Women’s Army, and St Kilda’s notorious Whiskey A GO GO. Maurya settled down in Canberra with her husband and four children for 30 years until she moved to Melbourne to take care of her parents. Maurya is a graduate of the Voices of the South Program, is a consumer representative for various organizations and working groups.  She has recently enrolled at Swinbourne University in Community Studies.


Raphael Kaleb’s entertainment career began by reciting the alphabet backwards at kindergarten. Since his school years he has appeared in films shown at St Kilda Film Festival, hosted a number of radio shows and was a finalist in the 2015 Emerging Writers Festival and acted as Master of Ceremonies. Raphael ‘s mentors have included Sarah Jane Woulahan, Natalie Finn, John Fleming, Phil Heuzenrender, Phin Meere, Justine Sless and Heidi Everett.

Raphael’s current projects include a play called ‘No Offence’ opening Sept 2017 at the Alex Theatre, Hosting the 2017 Summer Series of A Rambling Beurologists Dream on 3CR and competing in the World Masters Games in Tasmania later this year.

More information about Raphael is found at www.aramblingbeurologist.com.au