A Life Together

Davo & Daughter

Davo and Daughter were introduced to each other over the phone 24 years ago. For Davo, talking to a prospective love interest was a big step as his ex-partner and mother of his first child had passed away earlier that year. Daughter on the other hand was simply happy to chat. She liked the sound of Davo’s voice and he felt a connection with her so they made plans to meet in a pub in Melbourne. They have been together since that day.

Daughter grew up in Lake Tyers, east of Melbourne. She is an indigenous Australian woman with strong ties to her family roots. The name Daughter was given to her by her father when she was a child and has stuck. Despite being born with a hearing impairment, Daughter has developed her own unique way of communicating with people through her charm, humour, and ability to spin a yarn. Daughter is well respected among the Melbourne homeless community and spreads joy wherever she goes.

Davo was born in Port Augusta, SA. The son of an indigenous Australian woman and a white Australian man, Davo has a strong bond with his parents and he attributes the longevity of his relationship with Daughter to the example set by his parents’ 50-year relationship. He has travelled Australia extensively and has lived in all major cities. Davo is an avid reader and stays up to date with current affairs – his favourite discussion topic. He dreams of going to Asia because “it’s something different, isn’t it?”.